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Unless you enjoy cold showers, having a efficient water heater is a necessity for your comfort and well being. We can thank water heaters for allowing us to take warm showers, wash our dishes, clothes and hands.

Water heaters are one of our most used appliances and that is why ensuring they are working properly and efficiently is so important. If you are ever experiencing hot water problems, our super plumbers are be ready to help.

How AZ Super Plumber Can Help

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At AZ Super Plumber, we offer a wide range of water heater services, including repairs, maintenance, and installations. Whether you you need to fix a leak, replace a faulty part. or upgrade to a new system, we have the skills and experience to handle any water heater issue. We are certified installers of most major brands, such as A.O Smith, Navien and more.

We promise to provide fast, friendly, and professional service. We use high quality parts and equipment to ensure you have water heater that will last. 

Our Water Heater Services

We can service any type of water heater including gas, electric, tanked, tankless, hybrid, and solar. If you need any of our services or have any questions about your water heater, please contact us today for an estimate. We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. Let us take care of your water heater so you can get back to having hot water.

Water Heater Repair

Water heaters can develop various problems over time that can affect their performance, efficiency, and safety. Some of the potential problems a water heater can face include leaks, inconsistent water temperature, low water pressure, and sediment build up. 

At AZ Super  Plumber, we can fix any issue with your water heater. Our expert plumbers can diagnose the problems you are having with your water heater, and present you with repair options.

Water Heater Maintenance

We can help you prevent future water heater emergencies by keeping your water heater well maintained. By maintaining your water heater regularly you can extend it’s lifespan, save money and ensure your safety. We can perform regular checkups on your water heater to ensure its optimal performance and efficiency. We can flush your tank to remove any sediment or scale buildup that can affect your water quality and cause corrosion. We can also adjust temperature and pressure settings of your water heater to suit your preferences and safety standards.

Water Heater Installation

Our plumbing technicians can install all kinds of water heaters. It may seem difficult to choose the right water heater for your home, but we can provide you with excellent options based on the water demands of your home and your budget. We can also advise you on the best location and orientation for your water heater to maximize its efficient and lifespan.

Service Partnership Agreements

You maintain your vehicle, why not your home?

Our Service Partnership Agreements can save you money and hassle in the long run. With our Service Plans you can get discounts on labor, regular inspections and maintenance, an annual water heater flush, peace of mind and more.

We have multiple tiers of Service Plans to suit your needs and budget: basic, plus, and premium. Each plan gets you access to additional benefits and services.

To sign up for one of our Service Partnership Plans, or to learn more about them, please contact us today. We would love to hear from you and help you with your plumbing needs.

Basic Plan

Only $9 Per Month

Plus Plan

Only $12 Per Month

Premium Plan

Only $15 Per Month

Water Heater FAQ's

Most average water heaters, whether tanked or tankless, generally don’t require much maintenance. The best thing that you can do so that your water heater can have an efficient and long life is to flush it out. We generally recommend flushing your water heater annually, or more frequent if you have hard water.

In our area, we find that tanked water heaters generally last 8-12 years and tankless units generally last 20 years plus. Now, it’s important to understand that those figures are’t gospel. It’s not uncommon to see water heaters that last longer than those estimations (or sometimes not as long). But, once your unit is older than those figures, the likelihood of them failing increases exponentially. Water heater failure could translate the getting to work late with no (hot) shower or major water damage. So, take a look at the age of your water heater. If it’s on the older side – inspect it regularly for leaks and make a plan to have it replaced.

Some of the primary factors that play a role in how much hot water you can expect from your system include; the units size, temperature setting, fuel type and incoming water temperature.

The larger the unit you have, the more hot water it will make. Gas units will recover their temperature much faster than electric ones. The temperature you keep your unit at will affects its production. And, the warmer the incoming water is, the faster your system will heat the water. Each of these factors have their pros and cons, but there’s simply too many variables to consider when calculating your systems capabilities. If you are looking for the most hot water possible, a 75 gallon water heater or a tankless unit will certainly provide you with the longest showers.

Generally speaking, gas tanked water heaters are roughly 55% efficient. Electric water heaters (tanked or tankless) are generally extremely efficient – usually 95% or better. High quality condensing tankless water heaters are also super efficient – generally 95% or more.

Tanked water heaters have many pros; they have proven themselves as an effective way to heat water. They work flawlessly with instant hot water recirculation. They are simplistic in design, function, maintenance and repairs. They will work if the electricity goes out and they’re relatively economical to install.

Tanked water heaters also have cons; they are very inefficient compared to modern technologies. They burn fuel regularly to maintain the water temperature inside the tank. They only last 8-12 years. They have a finite amount of hot water before running cold, and they commonly leak when they fail which can cause water damage.

Tankless water heaters also have many pro’s; they are extremely efficient – generally twice as efficient as their tanked counterparts. They only use fuel when you are using hot water. They last a very long time – you can expect 20 years or longer. They will provide “endless” hot water such that multiple showers can be in use at the same time, or back to back showers without fear of running out of hot water. And they generally have excellent warranties and technical support.

Like everything, tankless water heaters also have cons. For one, they don’t make hot water if the electricity goes out. They require maintenance – usually annual flushing. They are more expensive to install – compared to a tanked water heater. And repairs can be somewhat complicated (if necessary).

There are pros and cons to tanked and tankless water heaters. Deciding between the two can be confusing – if you’re interested in information about tanked or tankless water heaters, give us a call at (928) 778-7120.


When replacing a water heater, only the hot water needs to be shut off. Now, if the supply valve needs to be replaced – you can expect all of the water to be shut off for 30 minutes to an hour. But most plumbing professionals work hard to keep the cold water on during the install, so that you can flush toilets and wash your hands.

For a professional installation of a tanked water heater – plan on anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. For a professional tankless water heater installation – generally 5 to 8 hours.

Generally speaking, the plumbing connections – like the shut off valves, supply connections, venting, t&p etc. are as old as the heater. Sometimes, some of these components can be reused to cut cost when replacing a water heater, but often they are found to be a liability and should be replaced. Unless one of all of these components were replaced within the last year or two, we generally recommend replacing everything and starting from scratch to reduce the risk of a water, gas or venting leak.

Additionally, plumbing codes and local requirements change, because of those changes, it is common for an older system to need updating with new components to ensure that it is meeting legal requirements.

Different governing organizations have different rules on whether you need a permit or not for the replacement of your water heater. Refer to your local governing agency to determine if a permit is needed?

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